How To Get Free Traffic For Website AdSense Approval

Website AdSense Approval

Free Traffic For Website AdSense Approval

Getting AdSense Approval for website is the main purposes at present online Google website. It is very important and very good article for all to know Free traffic for our own website. 

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How To Get Free Traffic For Website Approval. Get AdSense Approval for website is the main talk in this article. There are so many way to get traffic in our website and by this traffic we can get Google AdSense approval. 

Website AdSense Approval

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In this article main discussion area is Free Traffic. I think that free traffic is very important any kinds of website. There are so many ways to get free website traffic before Google AdSense approval. 

How To Get Free Traffic For Website

Any website need it very much. I think that Traffic is very important any kinds of website. In this stage I will get some tips to get Free traffic in your website. I think It is very helpful for you and your website. 

Ten simple techniques to increase free website visitors. Website AdSense Approval you can follow those tips which I mention bellow. I think it is the best option to get Free traffic for Website AdSense Approval

1. Make your website mobile-friendly

2. Make your website search engine-friendly

3. Quicken website loading

4. Access Google Maps

5. Join Yelp and other online directories for businesses.

6. Begin sending emails

7. Engage the public on social media

8. Create a blog or post as a guest on another website

9. Produce excellent material (and updates) and

10. Promote widely

For Website AdSense Approval you can follow those 10 tips very carefully. In this stage I do not give description about those 10 tips. You can get more information from Google and YouTube those topic. 

What is Google AdSense Account Approval Process

Google AdSense is the main purposes for approval. Actually we should follow some rule and some instruction for getting Website AdSense Approval very quickly. That is called Google AdSense Account Approval Process. 

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The procedure for AdSense approval is as follows:

1. Visit and sign up for an AdSense account. Please give your Name, Address, and Website URL with complete accuracy.

2. Create AdSense codes by logging into your AdSense account. Put the regulations in the sidebar of your blog.

3. Advertisements won’t appear until the final approval procedure is complete. Approval could take up to two weeks. Don’t forget to leave the advertising in place.

4. You will get a confirmation Approval email From Google following the final AdSense clearance.

5. A PIN will be mailed to your address once your AdSense earnings reach $10.

6. Once you receive the Pin, go to your AdSense account and enter it.

7. Congratulations, you’ve finished all the steps. Google will deliver your earnings via wire transfer after your account reaches $100. I think it should be good if you offer direct bank transfers for AdSense payments.

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Although this will undoubtedly aid in domain ownership verification, it may be difficult for those signing up using another website to qualify for AdSense. It’s time to try out alternatives to AdSense if they continue to refuse your account.


Today we can find passive earning source. There are so many way to get money from passive way. YouTube is also and affiliating marketing and amazon marketing is also passive earning source. 

Website AdSense Approval First Published 6th September 2022

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